Deploying a single WebApplication to many locations

I have a single web service (WebApplication in Visual Studio) that manages the filesystem for a cluster of computers all on a shared network.  I have four such networks, so I deploy that WebApp to all four locations.  My main website then connects to each of the four locations to learn about the four networks.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to configure deployments with TeamCity.

Should I:
1.  Install TeamCity on all four networks?  Each would be able to access the VCS to get the files, then run unit tests and deploy locally.  However I'd have four TeamCities to manage.
2.  Install TeamCity only on my "main" network where all my other project are?  There would only be one TeamCity to manage.  However I'm not sure what I would do to deploy: access VCS, run unit tests, deploy locally, FTP the files to the other 3 networks, remotely run unit tests, remotely deploy?

Thanks for the help.

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Hi Seth

The best way is to compile and test the application just once, and then deploy it to all the locations.
I recommend Troy Hunt's blog post series about Web Deploy tool


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