Custom system properties not recognized?

I have some custom system properties defined as below:
2-29-2012 12-03-00 PM.png

is that not valid to reference existing parameters like %teamcity.*% in my own?

Once  I changed my command line step to use my custom system properties  instead of repeating myself with mods of existing ones I get various  errors:
     The system cannot find the path specified.

I'm  guessing I have to change my syntax perhaps? Looking at the values  passed to the build I saw the below - which I'm guessing it sent those  actual values and not the raw translated values?

Name Value passed to build\Build\Source\TeamWorks\Dev\Build\logs\Build
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Hi is one of agent properties - they are defined after build is actually started, so it cannot be used on server side.

Try to define the properties within a build script, or if possible - use relative paths.


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