Problems setting up artifact dependency between two different build agents


I'm using Teamcity 6 with two build agents and am having a problem where one agent cannot retrieve artifacts from the other.

My setup is like so:

Agent A (build agent, teamcity server running on port 80)
Agent B (build agent, connects to Agent A)

Specifically I'm seeing that Agent B fails to resolve the artifact dependency when it tries to resolve Agent A over port 8080. I have the teamcity server setup for port 80 and am not sure why port 8080 is being used in this case.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Hello Jay,

TeamCity actually stores all the artifacts on the server, and the artifact resolution is always performed against server.

With this in mind, please make sure agent B is properly configured and is visible in TeamCity web UI.

Then, please check artifact dependnecies settings. There is a button "Check artifact dependencies" of dependencies settings pages.

If all this works fine, please enable debug logging in TeamCity server (as described here), Agent B (as described here) and try to run a build that fails to resolve dependencies.
Then please post here teamcity-server.log, teamcity-agent.log and resulting build log.

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Thanks Nikita,

It looks like it was a network configuration issue between the build agent and server that was resolved by opening up the port on my firewall.


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