EC2 AMI Agent Terminated During Build


My setup is the following:

EC2 Windows 32bit Micro Instance with the Teamcity Server only.
EC2 AMI Windows 32-bit with the Teamcity Build Agent preinstalled in the image.
Agent Cloud Profile configured to run an Small Instance using the AMI
30 minutes idle timeout in the Agent Cloud Profile.

2:51PM: I queued a build and TeamCity started an agent Instance to run it.
3:09PM The Agent was ready and the first build started..
3:15PM The first build failed at the minute due to an error in the source code.
3:19PM Source code fixed and the second build started
3:21PM The instance was terminated. The build failed with unexpectedFinish error. The build was automatically restarted and stayed in the Running state forever without starting a new instance.

It seems the idle timeouts starts when the Instance is started and is never reset when a build starts or is running. Rather than the idle timeout it seems the setting controls the total time the instance will be running before it's terminated regardless of the builds.

Is this the expected behavior or is there a setting I'm missing?

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