Pinning build automatically as part of a build step

I am wondering if there is a way to programmatically pin a build immediately after compiling (perhaps by a build step)?  Currently I am able to successfully pin a build via command-line by passing the following command using WGet:

wget --ignore-length -v --http-user=test --http-password=password "http://<server-ip>/httpAuth/ajax.html?pin=true&buildId=<buildId>"

My problem is that when I try to execute this command via "Command-Line" build step I receive the following error:


It loos like the issue may be related as to how the "&" (ampersand) is being interpreted.  I have tried using escape characters but to no avail.  Any help would be greatly apprciated and/or if there is a different solution as to how I may be able to pin a build after the build steps have completed.

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Hi Luis

Command line runner has an issue with quotation marks (TW-11848).
As workaround you can switch Run option to Custom script mode, and put your command there.


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