Same Project, different workspace. What do you do?


We have been using TeamCity since release 4 and are now using 6.5.6.

Typically, we have a few TC projects containing between 30 - 60 build configurations, all hooked to a particular Subversion Workspace.  We always have one such project hooked to our "trunk" workpace, but often, we need to branch it into a separate feature or maintenance branch.  When this happens, we need to duplicate the project and all of its build config into the new branch.

Is there a quick way to do this?

Right now, I duplicate the project, then manually go into each build config and detach the previous workspace, attach the new one, then change the checkout directory.

I looked into the template mechanism, but they don't support the "project" level, only the build config one, and you apparently can't specify the VCS parameters as a template param either.

Anything else I could do?

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Hi Pascal

In version 6.5 we implemented two features to make this task much easier.
Now you can use configuration parameters in VCS settings, so the single VCS root can be shared in all configurations over all the projects:
Also, now TeamCity allows to configure project-wide parameters. So you can switch between branches from a single place:


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