Sharing TeamCity between two distinct teams

Our team has a full licence for the TeamCity server, as well  as 7 additional agents. Another unrelated team has reached the limits of  their free TeamCity licence and is eyeing our licences up.

The powers that be think it's a good idea to run both teams using the  same enterprise licence, which means that we'd be hosting the TeamCity  configurations on the same server, and either sharing agents or somehow  assigning some agents to one team, some to another.

One concern I have is that configuring an agent to only accept  certain builds is difficult - our team has hundreds of build  configurations, and we create new ones all the time. To limit an agent  to certain builds, you have to fully specify the whitelist. So  maintaining the agents such that we have full use of our agents, and  the other team has full use of theirs will be a pain. On the other hand,  just using one pool of agents means now you have arguments over  priority and starvation, etc.

Does anyone have any experience of this? Is it a workable solution?  How do you configure agents to reserve them for a particular team? How  do you configure the server so that each team only sees their own  projects, build configurations and agents? Basically what we'd want is  complete separation of the projects, just using the same TeamCity server  and agents.

As a gut feeling it doesn't look like a good idea...

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In version 7.0 we solved this issue by Agent Pools.
Now you can split build agents between projects.


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