Method groups in .Net 3.5 cause compilation error in TC 6.5

We are running "TeamCity 6.5.6 (build 18130) released on 26/05/11, currently running in the enterprise mode."

If we commit code with linq method group shortcut:

.Select(x=>SomeMethod(x)) can be written as .Select(SomeMethod)

When we use the .Select(x=>SomeMethod(x)) everything works fine, when converted to the short syntex .Select(SomeMethod(x)) we have a compilation failure.

Is this issue known? what can we do to fix this?

Thank you.

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Hi David

Is it compiled successfully in Visual Studio?
Please check what .NET framework version is selected in TeamCity for this build configuration - it may be set to 2.0 and cause such issues.
What is compilation error message in a build log?


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It does compiles in VS2010

It is set to .Net 3.5 version

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What error message do you get in the build log?


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