IDEA Project Build Runner w/ Eclipse Compiler?

I have an IntelliJ project that depends on using the eclipse compiler.  I set up the IDEA Project Build Runner with the project, and checked to make sure that the compiler.xml with all the correct settings was checked out into correct directory under the buildAgent.  However the build is failing on a compilation step that it should not be failing on if it were using the eclipse compiler.  Is this a known issue, or am I missing something?  The IDEA Project Build Runner is basically useless to me without this feature.  Thanks,


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Hi Daniel

Please show how your compiler.xml is configured, and what error do you get in the build.


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Here is the error I am getting:

  • /Applications/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/55fa59fd6d940963/webapps/weather/src/com/foreflight/wdt/ inconvertible types
  • found   : java.util.List<com.foreflight.api.interfaces.Location>
  • required: java.util.Collection<? extends com.foreflight.windsAloft.StationWindsAloftForecasts>
  •         found.addAll((Collection<? extends StationWindsAloftForecasts>) LocationUtils.findNearbyLocations(lat, lon, radius, quadTree));
  •                                                                                                          ^
  • 1 error
  • Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.

This is an error that occurs when I use javac compiler in IntelliJ, but the Eclipse compiler allows it.  I think there are various other cases in the project that are similar.

here is compiler.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project version="4">
  <component name="CompilerConfiguration">
    <option name="DEFAULT_COMPILER" value="Eclipse" />
      <file url="file://$PROJECT_DIR$/webapps/website/website/web/WEB-INF/web.xml" />
      <file url="file://$PROJECT_DIR$/webapps/ffserver/web/WEB-INF/web.xml" />
      <file url="file://$PROJECT_DIR$/webapps/webdav/WEB-INF/web.xml" />
      <file url="file://$PROJECT_DIR$/../data/WEB-INF/web.xml" />
      <entry name=".+\.(properties|xml|html|dtd|tld)" />
      <entry name=".+\.(gif|png|jpeg|jpg)" />
      <entry name="?*.properties" />
      <entry name="?*.xml" />
      <entry name="?*.gif" />
      <entry name="?*.png" />
      <entry name="?*.jpeg" />
      <entry name="?*.jpg" />
      <entry name="?*.html" />
      <entry name="?*.dtd" />
      <entry name="?*.tld" />
      <entry name="?*.vm" />
      <entry name="?*.txt" />
      <entry name="?*.TXT" />
      <entry name="?*.sql" />
      <entry name="?*.csv" />
    <annotationProcessing enabled="false" useClasspath="true" />
  <component name="EclipseCompilerSettings">
    <option name="GENERATE_NO_WARNINGS" value="true" />
    <option name="DEPRECATION" value="false" />



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IntelliJ IDEA project runner currently does not support eclipse compiler. Feel free to submit feature request for it.


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