Getting Artifact Dependency BuildType ID

Hello all,

I have multiple build configurations that can be promoted individually to a deployment configuration. This results in the deployment configuration having multiple dep.btxxx.xxxx build parameters. I'd like to know whether there is a way of picking out the correct variables for the dependency being promoted.

This is possible in a TeamCity plugin using AgentRunningBuild.getArtifactDependencies().get(0).getSourceBuildTypeId() but is there a way of doing so in the command line build runner, through REST or any other method?


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At the moment our dependencies do not allow to effectively configure universal deployment configuration. Please vote for feature request TW-16426.

The problem with snapshot dependency is it triggers new builds for all dependent configurations. So when you deploy product A it automatically runs new build of product B.
On the other side, artifact dependencies aggregate files from all the dependent configurations.

I could suggest to create standalone deployment configurations for each project. Use templates to simplify its management.



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