What is the algorithm used for Hanging Builds detection? Can it be tweaked?

Occasionally we get emails from TeamCity because it thinks that a build might be hanging.  I couldn't find any information that explains how TeamCity detects whether a build is hung.  Could someone comment on the algorithm?

Is it the average of the last n builds + 10%?

Also, is there a way we could tweak the algorithm?

We have a build that usually takes around 47-53minutes but sometimes will take longer due to the load on the virtual machine infrastructure.  So today, I got a "build is hanging email" when it was taking 5 minutes longer than usual.  It would be nice if we can tweak it to flag when a build takes 25% or some other factor longer than usual rather than 5 or 10% (whatever TC currently uses).

We're using version 6.0.1.

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Hi Bill. Sorry for the late response.

Long builds are OK. TeamCity considers a build as hanging not because it's long, but because it produces no output for a long time.

Current logic is to consider build hung if time spent since last message is at least 6 minutes and is longer than 20% of elapsed time.
This is not configurable, but you could update a build script to report a progress, or disable hang build detection completely.



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