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since we don't integrate each build of PRJ-A into PRJ-B, we would like to see all changes which were made to PRJ-A since the last version we integrated into PRJ-B (maybe since a specific tag).

Currently I can only see the changes of one build at a time, which can be a time-consuming task to find all changes.

regards, Tilli

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Hi! When you say that you are able to find the changes of each build, are you talking about the build parameter ''?
Like yourself, I would like to see all changes (all the commit messages) since the last build. CHanged files is not that interesting to me. My ultimate goal is to produce a nicely formatted "version.htm-file" (on every build) containing information about all changes (commit messages) since the last commit. Much like the drop down labelled 'changes' in the TeamCity GUI.

This is an old post, Is there any build parameter for such a thing in TeamCity 7?


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