How to setup MSBuild to name Project.dll instead od Project.vcxproj.dll ?

I've got a problem while using TC.

I build many vcxprojects. Example of setting in TC is:

        <runner id="RUNNER_15" name="MP3" type="MSBuild">
            <param name="build-file-path" value="Audio\mp3\mp3.vcxproj" />
            <param name="dotNetCoverage.NCover.HTMLReport.File.Sort" value="0" />
            <param name="dotNetCoverage.NCover.HTMLReport.File.Type" value="1" />
            <param name="dotNetCoverage.NCover.Reg" value="selected" />
            <param name="dotNetCoverage.NCover.platformBitness" value="x86" />
            <param name="dotNetCoverage.NCover.platformVersion" value="v2.0" />
            <param name="dotNetCoverage.NCover3.Reg" value="selected" />
            <param name="dotNetCoverage.NCover3.args" value="//ias .*" />
            <param name="dotNetCoverage.NCover3.platformBitness" value="x86" />
            <param name="dotNetCoverage.NCover3.platformVersion" value="v2.0" />
            <param name="dotNetCoverage.NCover3.reporter.executable.args" value="//or FullCoverageReport:Html:{}" />
            <param name="dotNetCoverage.PartCover.Reg" value="selected" />
            <param name="dotNetCoverage.PartCover.includes" value="[*]*" />
            <param name="dotNetCoverage.PartCover.platformBitness" value="x86" />
            <param name="dotNetCoverage.PartCover.platformVersion" value="v2.0" />
            <param name="msbuild_version" value="4.0" />
            <param name="run-platform" value="x86" />
            <param name="toolsVersion" value="4.0" />

What is the problem? Problem is, that linker setting in vcxproj file says:


and when I build it using VS2010 command line, it is correct value .\Release\mp3.dll
But when built using TC, I get value .\Release\mp3.vcxproj.dll

Why? How to avoid this strange behavior?
(I don't want to replace line in vcxproj file like <OutputFile>.\Release\mp3.dll</OutputFile>, it's problem with many projects and I'd like to avoid this primitive solution)

Thx for any response.

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Is here anybody who can help me with this problem, please?

It's really big problem for me - I'm trying to setup TC for three days, but stil I'm not succesfull.

Originally I thought, that it is problem only when it is LIB od DLL project.
But it is not - whenever I use msbuild myProject.vcxproj, results name is myProject.vcproj.exe | myProject.vcproj.lib | myProject.vcproj.dll depend on type of project.

I'm really annoyed of it, because we have dozens of such projects we need to fit into automated build and I stil don't know how to fix it.

When I use VS2010 command line and run "msbuild myProject.vcxproj", everything is OK. But not using TC.

Where is the problem??

Thanks a lot.

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Unfortunately, this is an issue of TeamCity/MSBuild integration.
TeamCity used to generate a stub MSBuild project file that is called $(ProjectName).tcprojx
This may affect the behaviour of forthcomeing tasks.

The workarounds are the following:
- use .sln file (thus it would use <MSBuild> in the stub to run it)
- set configuration parameter "teamcity.msbuild.generateWrappingScript" with value "false" (in build configuration: Properties and Environment variables tab)

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I created an issue for your case. Please vote for it

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Finally I solved the problem this way:

I changed all vcxproj filles adding explicit definition of TargetName, so instead od default assign TargetName = ProjectName it use explitictly declared:

<TargetName Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Release|Win32'">myProject</TargetName>

Where ProjectName was used in vcxproj files, i replaced it by TargetName too.

But it was terrible routine work (we have > 150 projects) and I should be fixed IMHO in way how TC works with MSBuild.



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