stderr messages from XML Ant JUnit test results pollutes build log since 7.0

Since TeamCity 7.0 the messages logged by our JUnit tests into stderr started to appear inside build log.

With a number of 3rd party libraries logging into stderr it is hard to control what is logged there and what's not. Having large number of tests and test suites each logging into stderr the build log became thousands of lines long and unusable for us. Using tree view helps a bit but not much.

Is there a way to suppress <system-err> content of the XML report to be logged? There is a Verbose output: checkbox but it works for messages in system-out only.

To reproduce see the attachment.

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Hello, Michal,

Currently there is no way to hide these "System error..." warning messages or stop xml-report-plugin plugin producing them.

I believe that in your case tree view should help much. You can use Collapse All action to collapse the log and then explore significant nodes by expandng them. With this approach you shouldn't see the "System error..." warning messages from tests.
Did you try doing that?

Could you please attach raw build log file or send it to To download raw log file please switch messages filter to View: Verbose and click "raw message file" link that appears on the right page side (near "Download full build log").

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Thank you Victory for your reply.

Yes, I tried the Tree view with Collapse All. It helps but not much. Our build produces approx. 40 large test suites so there are 40 lines when collapsed (8000 lines when expanded) intermixed with build log from our build process. Moreover our build process logs the test errors so there are now duplicated by the xml-report-plugin. And that feels very confusing too.

We plan to switch to a different build system that produces a JUnit XML file for each test which would mean that there could be 10000 tests suites with some content inside system-err element. In that case the "Collapse All" would not help at all.

I think that the default view for the build log (which is "All messages") should be clean and readable.

Unfortunately due to our company policy I can not share the full build log with you (the unpacked raw log is 18 MB long). However I can try to obfuscate the log and send it to you if you insist.

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I've created an issue covering your problem and in the issue attached the patched plugin that contains the fix. Please try it.

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Victory, this is awesome. It solves my problem. Thanks!
To save someone searching here is the issue with the attachment:

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Nice to hear that the fix was helpful.
Sorry, I've forgotten to give the link to the issue.


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