Is there configuration option in Teamcity to cleanup Perforce workspaces automatically?

I am currently evaluate the Teamcity to be our future CI tool.
We use Perforce as VCS. And Teamcity will create workspace for the build per agent. Depends on the checkout directory specified and depot map.
It's somehow create a lots of workspaces in Perforce server, which is not good for the performence of Perforce server.
I tried to use the p4v defined workspace, but since we want to checkout in particular directory, whatever I specified in Perfoce workspace root value, Teamcity seems didn't use that root value for the checkout directory.

Is there a way to workaround this problem?
Either Teamcity has option to cleanup/delete workspace in perforce or Teamcity can use p4v defined workspace ?

Please kindly advise.

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