How can I see from which build step a test result came from.


is there a way to see from which build step a junit XML test report file came from ?
I have multiple build steps which all produces report xml files into a specific directory.
Teamcity treats them well and shows all tests within the 'Test' - Tab.
But, beside the package there is no ways of distinguish between the tests.
Take the following example:

in my project I have a configuration call 'full' which contains multiple build steps:
Step 1: build all with tests
Step 2: run junit tests
Step 3: deploy application
Step 4: run functional tests
Step 5: run Scenarios (also produces junit XML repport files)

After all steps are done I would like to see
- how many junits have passed in total.
- how many of the junits from Step 2 have passed
- how many of the junits from Step 4 have passed

Is there a way to do that currently in TC 7 ?
Do you think that might be a good idea ?


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