Using the updated Build Number value for artifacts creation

Hello All,

recently I started using the TeamCity as the build system, this is the great tool, thanks!

Currently I have an issue which I'm still not able to solve. I try to update the build number value from the external build script (by using the service message mechanism) - it works perfect and the builds are labeled correctly.
But when I'm trying to use the updated build number value as the pattern for artifact publishing (like %build.number% or %env.build_number%, etc.) - I always get the original build number string, entered as the 'Build number format' in General Settings.

Looking through the search I was not able to find the solution - is there any way to solve it at all?

Thank you for any help!

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Hi Michael

This is a bug reported in TW-18455. Please vote for this request to get notification on updates.

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Thank you very much for the update!

Is there any known workaround at the moment? Would e.g. the custom Build parameter (like 'Configuration Parameters' or 'System Properties') work here in the similar way? I know that it is possible to alter the custom parameters from the external script using the same message mechanism, but does it have the same issue?

Thanks fot your help!

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The current workarround is to generate filenames within your build script.


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