Wierd problem transfering sources from cache to build agent working folder

I'm using TeamCity 7.0.1 with the PlasticSCM plugin, and it's been working properly for a while now, but now I'm getting a really wierd problem.

Looking in the teamcity plasticscm cache folder (c:\teamcity-config\system\caches\plasticscm), I see my project checked out normally.  But when I attempt to run a build, the files are not properly transfered from the cache to the agent's working directory.  These two screenshots demonstrate the issue.

In this first screenshot, you can see the project in the cache folder, and notice the two folders that are outlined in yellow:


But here, in the agent working folder, those two folders have turned into single files: (the files appear to be a single random file from within the orignal folder)


I'm tried the usual steps, clearing all the caches, restarting, etc.  Nothing seems to solve the problem.  I'm not sure if this is a TeamCity issue, or a PlasticSCM issue, so I've also contacted Codice.

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It look like an issue within this particular VCS plugin.
It's better to troubleshoot it with plugin authors at Codice.


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