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Hi Robert

That looks weird, something has broken in Java fonts.
This is how the windows should look like:
Right now you can click the left button (save), and continue installation process. If that's your first TeamCity setup, and the web server and its build agents are installed on the same machine, then no additional changes are required. Otherwise you can find these settings in \BuildAgent\conf\buildAgent.properties file.

It would be great if you tell more about your environment, that would help me to better understand a root cause of this issue.

  • What version of Windows do you have?
  • x86 or x64 edition?
  • What version of TeamCity are you installing?
  • Does the machine have Java installed already? Which version, x86 or x64 edition?
  • That blank dialog window is displayed by javaw.exe process. Please locate it in system Task Manager, open its properties and check what is full path to the file.


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Thanks for your reply – I have completed the installation.

Here are my details:

The os is Windows 7 Enterprise – 32 bit.

I am installing TeamCity Professional 7.0.2 (build 21349).

The machine already has java installed at : “C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin” v6.0.310.5

The javaw.exe path is : “C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\jre\bin”

Let me know if you need anything else.




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