Git and Pending Changes

i'm having a problem which i was not able to solve yet and I hope that someone had a same problem and solve it :-). Here it is:

I have git repository with many really small applications. Each application have own folder.

Git Repo

  • App 01
  • App 02
  • ....
  • App nn

I have done build configuration in TeamCity for each application. When I commit even only one file i see pending changes in all my build configurations. This causes me a problems with setting build triggers and build dependencies to these appliucation etc ...

As far as i know there is no solution for this and this is just a "feature" of GIT based on its architecture. I know I should have extra repository for each application but I cant imagine that i manage tens of repositories and developers have to work with them.

My questions are following:

  • Is there any solution for this with GIT?
  • Do other DVCS has same problem?

Thank you, Jakub.
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You can use VCS Checkout Rules to limit this scope and filter all unrelated changes out.


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