REST API: move configuration between projects?


Hi all,

Is it possible to use the REST API ( to move an existing build configuration from one project to another?

I'm writing a tool to automate the creation of a large number of configurations across different projects, and if the tool decides to assign a configuration to a different project, I'd like to retain build history across the move (i.e. I don't want to delete the configuration from the old project and recreate it in the new one). I'm able to move configurations by hand through the administration interface.




Hi Tim

This functionality is not exposed by REST API yet. Please add this feature request to our tracker.



Does REST API support this functional now?


Looks like this functionality is still not in the REST API. 

Also I noticed a UI behavior change at some point.  In an older version of TC (2018.2), you could move a build configuration into an archived project via the Move... dialog.  However, in the current version (2022.10.3) you cannot do this, as archived projects do not show up in the list of target projects when using the Move... dialog.  This means I have to unarchive a project, move build configs into it, then rearchive, which is not ideal since unarchiving may cause VCS polling to occur for all those previously archived configs.


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