Defining common parameters across projects

Is there a way to define a parameter in a single location, which all projects can access?

I'd like to create a prefix string parameter which all projects running on my TC server can access and reference in their 'Build number format' field in the General Configuration settings tab.
I have a common string that all projects use in their build number format, which gets updated after every release. Right now I have to go into each project and change the string value. I'd rather just have to change it in one place, and all project configurations would properly reference the new value in their next run

I see how to create a parameter which all configurations within a single project can access, but I haven't found an easy way to do the same across all projects

Any suggestions is appreciated


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Hi Michael

Please vote for this feature request in TW-11202.


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Thanks for responding, Michael. I voted for the feature you linked to

But, isn't there a way to do this already using the file? I tried playing with adding parameters to that file, but had trouble getting it to work - so was looking for alternate solutions.


Comment actions Permalink file as another way to define build parameters, but it's not global too.
This file should be put into VCS, and be included in all your configurations.


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