General buildnumber problem or on the assembly patcher


has anyone of you an idea. I recently setup a bigger build server with TeamCity 7.0. Now a have a problem with depend configurations. What have I done:

1. Setup a project: compile, check, test, deploy
2. Setup dependencies:

  1. deploy depents on compile, check, test
  2. check and test depends on compile

3. Setup Build Trigger
     compile should start on vcs changes
     check and test should start on dependency changes
     deploy is started manually
4. Defined a parameter for the for the versionnumber, for the deploy. When you run, you get a prompt and you have to enter the versionnumber
5. Added an assemblypatcher to the deploy build steps

Now my problem is, that the assemblypatcher patches great, if i have it in the compile-step, because it seems, that it patches the projectfile itself before compiling. During deploy I just copy the files which were compiled during compile, but the patch of the assembly version is not done.
So I have to find another way to set my versionnumber to the compilestep, which isn't to easy. Share the buildnumber from deploy to compile is not possible. (with %dep.....%). If the compile step ist startet from the VCS change it will not work.

Does someone has another idea?

Kind regards,


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