How to pass parameters from msdeploy batch file

I am executing the following command

msdeploy.exe -verb:sync -source:runCommand='\\%env.Target%\Backup\BatchFilesForBackup\BackupUsingMSDeploy.bat',waitInterval=10000 -dest:auto,computername=%env.Target%

Any idea how to pass parameters to that batch file. I want to pass 2 parameters tried doing following put it couldnt work.
msdeploy.exe -verb:sync  -source:runCommand='\\%env.Target%\Backup\BatchFilesForBackup\BackupUsingMSDeploy.bat %param1 %param2',waitInterval=10000  -dest:auto,computername=%env.Target%

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Hi Debbie

Could you calrify by screenshots please what are settings of the build runner in TeamCity web interface, and what's a content of a batch script?


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In step 2, I want to send parameteres to batch files that is called by msdeploy runcommand. as in other case I have to create a batch file specific to system e.g airblue. Instead I want to send that value as  a parameter to batch file so backup is created accordingly.


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