Automated stress testing TeamCity+Jmeter+AWS?

Hi all,

We currenly use TeamCity for automating our JUnit testing. Recently it has become a big priority to start automating our stress/load testing which is all done manually by running JMeter tests. Suffice to say, we don't really know where to get started with this, but we do have a general idea how we want it to work.

Ideally the process would happen nightly and look something like this:

1.) AWS VM image created with latest source code
2.) Image is loaded on EC2 and server would start running at boot.
3.) TeamCity would wait for server to become available then start running a set JMeter tests cases on that server.
4.) The results of each test case would be reported in TeamCity.

Can anyone give me thier thoughts on how we could go about this?

Are there any systems which would help us get this functionality "out-of-the-box"?



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