Can TeamCity build Windows Phone 7 libraries?

I am using TeamCity to build a Windows Phone 7 .dll.  I've tried using the "Visual Studio (sln)" Runner type, but despite choosing Visual Studio 2010, the .dll is created improperly.  It is created as a .NET 2.0 .dll.  Unfortunately the .csproj for Visual Studio projects does not have a location for specifying that the projectx should be .NET 4.0 - maybe this is a WP7 limitation?

I then tried the Runner type as "MSBuild" and specified the MSBuild version to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and the MSBuild ToolsVersion as 4.0.  However, when I run the build I get this failure:

[01:03:20]Step 7/41: XNA 4.0 (Windows Phone) (MSBuild) (5s)

[01:03:22][Step 7/41] Engines\FlatRedBallXNA\FlatRedBall\FlatRedBallWindowsPhone.csproj.teamcity: Build targets: Rebuild;Debug;Docs (2s)

[01:03:25][Engines\FlatRedBallXNA\FlatRedBall\FlatRedBallWindowsPhone.csproj.teamcity] C:\BuildServer\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\FlatRedBallProjects\Engines\FlatRedBallXNA\FlatRedBall\FlatRedBallWindowsPhone.csproj.teamcity error MSB4057: The target "Debug" does not exist in the project.

[01:03:25][Engines\FlatRedBallXNA\FlatRedBall\FlatRedBallWindowsPhone.csproj.teamcity] Project Engines\FlatRedBallXNA\FlatRedBall\FlatRedBallWindowsPhone.csproj.teamcity failed.

[01:03:25][Step 7/41] Step XNA 4.0 (Windows Phone) (MSBuild) failed

I'm confused as to why I get this:

The target "Debug" does not exist in the project.

My Targets are set to:

Rebuild; Debug Docs;


In other words, I'm not setting my target to "Debug" anywhere, and "Debug Docs" is a valid build target in my project.


Furthermore, Debug is actually a valid target for my project anyway:


Am I doing something wrong?  How can I build my project?   Thanks in advance, I'm all out of ideas :(

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According to the screenshot, 'Debug Docs' is a configuration name? Right?

If you need to specify configuration name, you may either use Visual Studio (sln) build runner or add a build system property called Configuration.

In the example you showed you tries to specify a target for MSBuild called 'Debug Docs'. Was that right?
In terms of MSBuild commandline it could looked like:

msbuild.exe <project> "/t:Rebuild; Debug Docs"


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