TeamCity 7.0.3 fails to collect changes while version 6.5.2 has no issues

We upgraded from TeamCity 6.5.2 to TeamCity 7.0.3 for a pilot project. We have been using parametrized VCS Roots with the form "es-cm-%Product_Name%_%Product_CodeName%_%branch%_build" where the Product_Name and Product_CodeName are obtained from the build parameters of a given build project. This VCS root contains references to 10s of build branches and hence attached to multiple build configurations. But, over time some of the VCS Roots started to contain invalid paths and missing Perforce clients due to branches getting obsoleted. Teamcity 6.5.2 does not have any issues in dealing with these obsolete paths and flags them as follows (for example, a missing VCS root):

VCS problem: es-cm-%Product_Name%_<branchname>_build

Error collecting changes for VCS root 'es-cm-%Product_Name%_j<branchname>_build'
Client unknown: <client name>

Any build configuration which has a valid VCS root does not have any problem in getting a successful build.

But TeamCity 7.0 behaves differently. If there is a single invalid VCS root reference, it does not execute the build for any of the build configurations, even the valid ones. We get the "Unable to collect changes" error.

Is this a known issue? If so is there a workaround for this?

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