Maven inconsistencies on Windows buildagents: .m2 repo created on C:\ root

I'm having a long time probleme of library update on Windows buildagent.
Dependencies sometimes don't get updated to the katest snapshot.

While investigating the problem, I realized that the build agent creates a .m2 repository in C:\ instaed of C:\Users\Administrator.

The buildagent also runs under the Administrator user afaiu.

If I start the same build in a command line, the proper .m2 repository is used.

The builds are configured to use the <default> maven instance, $M2_HOME, as the command line. There shouldn't be any difference between the 2 runs.

The depedency snapshot problem could be related.

Any reason why this .m2 repo would be created at the C:\ root?


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Hello Nodje,

Please, double check which account is used to run TeamCity Build Agent Service - this information is available on "Log On" tab of service properties. By default agents are setup to run under local system account, that will cause C:\.m2 to appear

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Cheers, this wasn't very clear to me. It makes sense now.
It should help me solve my problem.


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