Finished build trigger not firing on failed builds

we are using TC70.2 and have two nighty build projects A and B.

B has a build finished trigger on A where B is configured to run even though A might have failed.

if A succeeds everything works as expected.
however, if A fails B will not be triggered.

additional information:
A and B both have NO build steps on their own, but they trigger a series of other projects through snapshot dependencies.
when saying "A fails" it actually means that one of its snapshot dependencies fails.
the project overview shows an error and "Snapshot dependency build failed ..."
and the status says "Failed to start build ...".

my suspicion is that TC considers the build for project "A" to have not even started, and hence does not trigger build "B".

any ideas on how to trigger B even if A fails?

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This is the issue from TW-18235.
Can you use Shedule Trigger instead of Finish Build Trigger for your tasks?

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hi michael,

as a temporary workaround i could use a schedule trigger.
however i don't feel too well about it because depending on how busy our build agents are the completion time of the preceeding build varies.

georg s

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You don't need to specify the time percisely. Schedule them to the same time like 6:00, 6:01 and 6:02. All the builds are put into a queue, and will be started immediately after a build agents completes a previous build.

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your are right if the builds are scheduled to run on the same agent.
however, our setup has multiple agents.


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