How to checkout from network share

I'm trying to get TeamCity to do checkout from a Mercurial repository on a network share.

For the checkout directory I put down the UNC Path to the repository, the ony problem is, this path is protected by a domain windows authentication.
Is there anyway for me to tell TeamCity which user it needs to log in with to access that folder?

I don't want to mount a network drive which can always read the folder since that's a security issue.

I was thinking about running a separate Agent on my development machine, but It wouldn't be able to run when i'm not logged in and also I don't know how to restrict it to only my project.

If anyone has some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


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Is your TeamCity instance  started as Windows service under LocalSystem account?
Then you'll need to switch is to another account that has access rights to that network share.

In case of server-side checkout it should be done for TeamCity web server service. With agent-side checkout - for both web server and all build agents.

Also note that Windows services cannot access mapped drives. This is a limitation of Windows OS.



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