Cherry pick build to deploy

We are auto deploying our web application on every commit to a xxx/latest location in IIS and this works great. Every build that gets deployed like this also goes through our automated tests. As such we can tell which build was OK and which is not.

However, we'd like to pick deploy sucessfull builds to xxx/test on occasion for the developer to perform the system test. In essence I'd like fire a (deploy) build that downloads the artifacts and deploys it using msdeploy.exe. How can I pass the build number to the build so that it can download the correct artifact?


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Hi Tom

You can use build promotion for that.
Select a build that produced artifacts you want to deploy, and click Build Actions > Promote

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Thanks Micheal,

After a bit of research I found out how to do it. For future reference, make sure you add an artifact dependency to the deploy configuration. You then get a Promote option on the Actions menu for the build.


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