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Hi everybody.

I wonder how heavy the build processes are on the cpu..

I set up a single machine offering many different services (also including teamcity webapp and teamcity buildAgent) and I'm worrying a bit about overall performance when the teamcity agent will enter production stage.

Being a virtual machine, I will be able to add one virtual cpu if the load will be too much.. but I wonder if it also possible to set some configuration option so that the build processes are started with a high nice value. Another option I can think of would be to start the build-agent main process with a nice value, but I don't know if that will be considered when the agent will span the build processes.

Could anybody please cast some light on this?

Thank you and best regards.

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Hi Roberto

Any performance metrics are very subjective, as they depends from your type of builds.
But usually builds are CPU-demanding, and consume all available resources.

I would recommend split TeamCity server and build agent on separate machines, and add more resources to the build agent machine.

Also, take a look at Estimate hardware requirements for TeamCity article.



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