Is installing a build agent in Svn machine a good idea?


We're considering setting up TeamCity (so I'm quite a newbie). One of the discussions that arouse is if it's a good idea to set up our Svn server machine also as a build agent instead of having an extra machine "just" to be a build agent.
I am reticent of mixing both, basically I wouldn't like any problem in our build agents to affect our source code repository machine. On the other hand, if agents are very stable and do not "affect" the machine they are installed in... we would save some maintenance burden thanks to having everything in a single machine.

Could somebody tell me if installing the agent in our Svn server is a decision we would/may regret? (I know we can always uninstall the agent but... I would prefer not to have to do it).

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The build agent process itself is lite and simple. But it's used to launch your builds and tests.
So, common performance completely depends on type of your builds.
If the builds cause high workload of CPU and disk, it can slow SNV performance down.


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