maintainDB performance issue

I am trying to solve some performance problems for an existing Team City installation. The existing installation was using a 4.x version with the internal database. Reading the documentation, I noticed that the internal database is not intended to be used in production environments that it has known problems with database sizes greater than ~200MB. This database is about 1 GB.

To resolve the performance issues, I have upgraded to version 7.0 and have started setting up an external database (using MySQL as this is the recommended database) as recommended here:

I am now migrating the data as specified here:

I am running maintainDB.cmd with increased memory using Xmx2048m as the internal database size is large. The migration process has been running for about 12 hours now. About 9 hours of that has been exporting the table test_info.

For the migration, I really only want the build configurations and administrative setup to be perserved - I could care less about the history of previous builds and test runs.

As the current migration is taking too long for my current needs, is there a way to purge some of this data or perhaps only migrate the administrative setup and build configurations?

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Sorry for the delay in replying.

How is your progress on this?

If you do not want to preserve build hisotry and users, you can switch to the external database.

BTW, we have the issue that looks like similar to your case.

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Thanks for the links and information.

I just let it finish running (took about 36 hours).

Everything migrated fine - it just took a loooooooong time. Just a good reminder - never use the internal database for production use! :)


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