Running a build on a disabled agent

We upgraded to 7.0.3 last night. We want the new feature to have developers be able to run builds on disabled agents as listed here: .

How do we do it? Administrators can do it but others still cannot. Our UI does not even look like the UI on the screenshots on the page


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I figured out that the permission to enable/disable agent controls whether a user can run a build on a disabled agent. So we gave that permission to all the developers.

So this is ok for us now. I still don't know why the screenshots on the 7.0.3 features page show different ui and options from reality.

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The page on the site has wrong title. It actually describes features on one of preivous TeamCity releases.

You are rightm currently to run a build on a disqabled agent, "enable/disable agent" permission should be granted to the user.
See also TW-22130.


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