TeamCity 7 not showing pending changes when using Perforce


we just cut over from Vault to Perforce, and i'm having an issue getting the pending changes to appear in TeamCity 7.

here is what i have so far:

Running on a windows 2008 R2 server, using P4 2010 December 01 client.

Perforce VCS Settings:
client mapping:
//depot/... //team-city-agent/...

path to p4: c:\program files\perforce\p4

Workspace options:

Options:        noallwrite noclobber nocompress unlocked nomodtime normdir
SubmitOptions:  revertunchanged
LineEnd:        local

the test connection works fine.

I created one build configuration to use this Perforce VCS setting.

when i look at the pending changes tab for that project through the web interface, i always get zero.

i know there at least 10+ changes in the perforce depot, that haven't been pulled down into the local workspace.

the local workspace is located at d:\perforce\build\teamcity, which is set as the custom checkout directory in the project VCS settings.

i don't see any errors in the teamcity log files.

i'm sure i'm missing something basic.


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Hello Atul,

   Pending changes are shown after the first build in the configuration. Please run first build and see if new pending changes will be visible after that.

  Hope this helps,

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thanks for the pointer, but that didn't seem to work for me.

here is what i did:

1)  i pushed a new version of a readme file up to the depot from my dev machine, before kicking off the build.
2) kicked off the build, which completed successfully
3) i checked the "Changes" tab of the buid that just completed.
     - shows no files

i checked the "Pending Changes" tab in this project's configuration page, and it show now files; however, when i look at the build machine's work space in the p4 gui i can see the changed file in the preview, see below.


any other ideas, or any settings i may have missed? i followed the setup in the admin docs.


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here is some additional info. i checked the teamcity-vcs.log and i see that it logging that its finding a changed file:

[2012-06-04 17:19:30,602]   INFO [{id=16} {id=16}] -      jetbrains.buildServer.VCS - Finish collecting changes for perforce: sourcectrl:1701 {instance id=16, parent id=6} from state SingleVersionRepositoryStateAdapter{myRepositoryRevision='122716', myTimestamp=Mon Jun 04 17:19:29 EDT 2012} to state SingleVersionRepositoryStateAdapter{myRepositoryRevision='122717', myTimestamp=Mon Jun 04 17:19:29 EDT 2012}; 1 changes collected 1 changes reported, time spent: 894ms

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Sorry for the delay in replying.

If the issue is still actual:

> d:\perforce\build\teamcity, which is set as the custom checkout directory in the project VCS settings.

Please avoid setting custom checkout directory. Please review

TeamCity displays changes since creation of a VCS root. The changes are not related to any particular working copy, just all the changes that affect the build.

If you still have issues with this, please detail them with TeamCity pages and p4 history screenshots.


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