Failed jobs automatically re-running changes with a different change list?

I submitted changes via Perforce which causes a list of TeamCity jobs to run, and all of the jobs failed.  About 45 minutes later I was going to look at why it had failed, but before my eyes it all changed from red to green.... It had re-run the build and succeeded.

The change I had submitted was rolled backed in that 45 minutes, but my original changelist, 3784 was the one that had failed.

Now I would thought it ok to re-run if say there was a change on the build PC (it had crashed say) but I would *expect* it to always be running with my same changelist - i.e. 3784 shown in the attachment which was the original, but it re-ran it with a later changelist (and not mine) of 3798.

Is this right?

TeamCity weirdness issue (snippet).jpg
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Hi Nikola

Not sure I understand the question, sorry.
By default builds are started with all latest changes.
But you can launch history build with specific set of changes using Run Custom Build dialog, or from Change Log tab.


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