Move to mySQL causes problems obtaining the artifact zips?


Since moving to a mySQL database storage solution for my TeamCity build data, I've come across a problem that appears to happen quite randomly.

I've got one config that runs tests, which is artifact dependent on another config that compiles the test exes.
Using TeamCity 7.0.2

My latest example was the following error:

[23:12:35]Resolving artifact dependencies (37m:39s)

[23:50:14][Resolving  artifact dependencies] Failed to resolve artifact dependency  <Coverage Builds :: Runtime Debug 2010 Apps PS3 (build with id:  15847)>:  C:\BuildAgent\system\.artifacts_cache\<server>\httpAuth\repository\download\bt18\15847.tcbuildid\  (The system cannot find the file specified)  (jetbrains.buildServer.artifacts.ResolvingFailedException)

[23:50:14][Resolving artifact dependencies] Failed to resolve 1 of 2 artifact dependencies

[23:50:14]Artifacts resolving failed. Failed to resolve 1 of 2 artifact dependencies

The build id is correct (15847), the config id is fine too (bt18), as is the build number (208).
Browsing to the machine itself, all I can find in that '15847.tcbuildid' folder is a 'teamcity-ivy.xml' file.

Like I say, I've never seen this occur before moving to mySQL, and a restart fixes it.

Any ideas what would be causing this?


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The issue you are facing have not much in common with database in use.

Please enable debug logging in TeamCity server ( and agent ( , wait for issue to reproduce and attach teamcity-server.log and teamcity-agent.log here


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