Windows 8 Client-Side TFS can't be enabled?

Hi all,

I'm setting up a build configuration on my TC server machine and in the Version Control Settings section, I want to use VCS Checkout mode: Automatically on agent (if supported by VCS roots).

Whenever I do this, I get this message showing my agent as incompatible:

      Missing VCS plugins on agent: Team Foundation Server

Here's what I have installed on the agent machine:

- Windows 8
- MS Dev Studio 2012

I'm new to Team City and I'd appreciate any direction I should go to troubleshoot this.

Thank you very much,

_ michael
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One quick followup.

I'm using Team City Professional 7.0.3 (build 21424)

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Support of Visual Studio 2012, Team Foundation Server 2012, and .NET Framework 4.5 are features of upcoming release TeamCity 7.1.
They are being developed right now, and you can preview them in latest EAP build.


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