Can I use TeamCity's subversion command line client on agents?

I have a build configuration that runs with "checkout on agent" and it commits some changes back to Subversion at the end of the build.

I have installed svn.exe at a known location on each build agent, so I reference this known location in my build script.

I want to upgrade the VCS root from SVN 1.6 to 1.7, but this means I need to then go and upgrade the locally installed version of SVN on each agent.

TeamCity agents must have an svn CLI built in, since build agents get a local working copy.

Is there some way I can use this svn.exe in my build script as opposed to my manually installed svn.exe? That way I can change the VCS root working copy and SVN will always be compatible.



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TeamCity does not bundle SVN binaries. On server side we use SVNKit library, but it also cannot be used from build scripts.

You'll have to update SVN tools on all the agents, and then change Working copy format in VCS root settings.


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