Typed properties


In the process of exploring typed properties in TeamCity 7, the following questions appeared:

1) Consider release build configuration with several build parameters inherited from template. These parameters don't have default values and all of them must be specified when this build is launched, otherwise it fails. "Prompt" option seems to work fine in this case but only when I launch common build ("Run") and not the custom one ("Run..."). Moreover, it doesn't seem to guarantee in any way that these properties will have a non-null value when the build is launched. Question: Is there any possibility to mark build parameter as mandatory (e.g. make user input something before the build is actually launched) ?

2) Consider build configuration from item #1. I want to validate the value that user entered. Reasonable thing to do would be to simply specify "Pattern" in template so that all release build configurations inhert it. But I cannot since this property should have empty value in template and when I click "Save", I get "Value does not match regexp pattern". Question: why does it work this way and is there any workaround?


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1) There's no way to prevent the form from being submitted, but all mandatory parameters are at least clearly marked with a red asterisk.  If the User submits the form anyway, the build will run and fail, and it's currenlty up to you to make sure that no damage was done in the process.  I agree with you that these mandatory parameters should be filled in and validated before the "Run Build" button becomes active.

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I created a ticket TW-22402. Feel free to vote up if you need this feature.


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