TeamCity tfs pull on agent

I have a teamcity server running on a my mac with an agent on my tfs/vs2010 build machine. I keep getting errors every time i start the build that say "Team Foundation Server VCS Support runs only under Windows". My first reaction is that the webserver is trying to pull the code (the mac and not the windows build machine). I tried making it not shared among all projects. I changed the VCS checkout mode to "Automatically on Agent", but I am still getting that error. Is there anything I need to change so that all the pulling is done on the agent and not the webserver?

Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunatelly TeamCity server has to be installed on Windows to communicate with TFS.
Even with agent-side checkout, the server does communicate to VCS directly - to monitor changes, show source diffs, etc.
And in case of TFS, we need to use TFS client (Team Explorer) that's not available for Mac OS.

System Requirements article explaints all the details.

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Ok, thank you for clarifying.  I was hoping to use the webserver just for routing the requests and let the agent do all the pulling and tfs work.  Ill have to get a windows server now I guess.:(  Thank you


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