Generating maven metadata errors in teamcity-server.log

Hey guys,

These come through as warning but I would like to get rid of them:

Error generating Maven metadata for build configuration Golden - Configuration - Library :: Sonar {id=bt125876}: File not found: pom.xml

I have a settings.xml in the ~/.m2/settings.xml directory that points to our nexux server.  We also do a mix of server side and agent side checkouts for our maven projects.  If we only did server side checkouts would these errors go away?  I'm just trying to understand why these messages come through and if there is a way to turn them off.


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Hello Jason,

Sorry for delay in answer.

This error message does not depend on agent/server side checkout. Teamcity server tries to collect additional information about your maven build configuration and fails to do so.

Could you please take a look at "Maven" tab of your build configuration and look for more detailed error message (a stacktrace would be great) and attach it to this thread?

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Hmm, one of the builds it was complaining about has this on the maven tab:

An error occurred during collecting Maven project information: File not found: pom.xml.

The build has never run before would this explain it?

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Checking another buildtype where I see 3 warnings about the pom.xml file yesterday and the maven tab doesn't show any errors.  Not sure what is creating these then.

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Please, enable server debug logs as described here
Wait for related messages and attach related part of teamcity-server.log to this thread.


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