Can't get administrator in 7.0.4

I am installing 7.0.4 on Windows 2003 and can't get administrator rights to TeamCity.

I was given a login page and an option to create a user, which I did, but no matter how often I uninstall and reinstall, that user (without admin rights) remains. It looks like simply having a user won't let me get to create an administrator.

I have tried the suggestions to retrive the administrator, but they seem wrong. for example, adding the rest property doesn't create the rest.log it is supposed to do on a restart.

Short of rebuilding Windows (not too bad as it is an EC2 instance), how can I get to be administrator? Can I delete that non-admin user?


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Hi Neil

Here are instructions to reset administrator's password.
If this is a fresh installation, and you don't need to preserve data, the best way is to completely delete TeamCity Data Directory where all the configuration is stored.


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