Update VCS history when subversion commit message has changed?

Is there an HTTP interface to either ...

  • modify TeamCity's VCS history or ...
  • tell TeamCity to refresh the information for a particular VCS revision?

The situation in details:

We use the subversion commit messages as a starting point for release notes. People sometimes change the commit message later. TeamCity caches the subversion commit messages in the VCS history in its own database. If the commit message is modified later in subversion, this modification is not reflected in TeamCity's changelog. It still shows the original commit message.

I know how to write subversion hook scripts. I thought about implementing a hook script which is executed after a modification of the commit message and uses an HTTP call to either pass the new commit message to TeamCity or tell TeamCity to reload the commit message (given a revision number). I was looking at TeamCity's REST API and various plug-ins, but I couldn't find an HTTP interface for changing/refreshing the VCS history.

Anyone out there with a hint for me? Or do I have to write my own TeamCity plug-in?

Have a nice day!

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Hello Stephan,

  Unfortunately, TeamCity doesn't allow to modify commit message after detection.

  And, there is no OpenAPI for that, i.e. in the plugin, you'll need to make direct changes in the database.
  We'll assist you if you'll go the plugin way, but there may be dragons.

  Alternatively, please post a corresponding feature request to our tracker.

  Kind regards,

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Hi Kirill,

Thanks for your reply. At least I can stop searching now.

Have a nice day!



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