Improving TeamCity server performance


I am using TeamCity for our small team (around 5 developers) on a VMware virtual machine (hosted on a vSphere environment).

The OS i'm using is Windows Server 2008 R2, the server has 2 GB RAM, and it uses the internal DB option (no external database is used).

I am wondering, since with newer version of the product (using 7.1 EAP) it seems to run slower (and the machine consumes more memory and CPU), what would be my greatest performance benefit?

At this point i believe we can only stick to VMs, however we can play with the spec, etc.

Things i have considered:

1. Using a dedicated DB server (such as SQL Server 2008)
2. Increasing Storage
3. Increasing RAM.

What would be the greatest benefit?

It seems that most of the memory is being consumed by the Java process (when in idle). I am not sure which upgrade would benefit the most.

Lior Tal

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Is there anyone who can help on this one ?


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