MSTest not locating .config files

I have spent the last two days searching the internet, to find just about nothing, related to my current issue.
I have a new TeamCity 7.1 server which is configured to execute a CI build that includes Debug, Release, and automated unit testing. The actual builds appear to be performing just perfectly, but when the Unit test step is hit, the whole thing tanks. I have been playing with the error output so that I can try and track down where the error is coming from and as best as I can tell, each and every unit test that needs to get a value from the .dll.config file is failing to do so.  I have checked the folder and I can see the config files, and I can open Visual Studio and run the unit tests through there with no issues.
I have attached my most recent build log for anyone who might have gotten too much sleep lately. For the TLDR; crowd, you can skip to the bottom where all the errors are. The specific error thrown is "Unable to load database configuration: DBAuthentication..", but that line of code is being executed when no configuration value is being returned.
In the below screen shots, you can see one of the unit test assemblies, and its config file, as well as my current build configuration.
I am stumped, and I can't find anything on the internet, so any help is appreciated. Thanks


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This looks like TeamCity generates incorrect commandline for MSTest.exe.
Do you know the right commandline arguments that makes your test pass and read .config file(s) with MSTest.exe from console?


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