How to get build agent connected

I installed a teamcity build server with a build agent and the installation was flawless but I have to many build configurations and I am trying to install a new build agent. I have been sitting at this for two hours now I installed it using the windows installer and set everything up right (at least I think I did) when I authorize the build agent it stays disconnected it says that its inactivity reason is: Agent has unregistered (will upgrade). It also says that all of my build configurations are incompatible when I expand each one to see what the reason is it says:

Incompatible runner:
Unmet requirements:
  • powershell_x64 exists
  • DotNetFramework4.0_x86 exists

I saw other threads that said stop the service and the java processes delete the tools plugins and system folders and then restart the service that didn't help at all the folders just remained empty. I then copied over my own tools and plugins but nothing has changed. How do I get this thing working?

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alright nevermind I guess it just needed time it works now


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