Visual Studio addin hangs during startup


After upgrading to TeamCity 7.1 and the accompanying Visual Studio addin, I'm facing problems with the Visual Studio addin. When starting Visual Studio and loading up a solution, the dialog box "TeamCity - Personal change failed" pops up multiple times, and does not go away (it's not possible to just close this dialog box). I have to kill the devenv.exe process and try to load my solution again, and then if I'm lucky the dialog box does not pop up. But in most cases it does.

I have no failed personal builds that are not resolved in later checkins, and I'm using the latest version of TeamCity Professional (7.1 build 23907). I'm using SubVersion, hosted at Atlassian. I had no such problems when running 7.0.  

Anyone with the same problem, or anyone who have any clues as to why this happens?


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The error message in the log file in %temp%\JetLogs\ is exactly like for this issue: Trying to find a workaround but no luck so far...

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Stein, thank for the feedback!
I've created issue for described bug in tracker


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