Multiple build agents and artifact dependency


I have two build agents and a QA build that is dependent on artifacts from a bunch of projects. What I have noticed recently is that if the last successfull build on one of the dependant projects ran the opposite build agent, the artifacts cannot be resolved, and the QA build fails with "][Resolving artifact dependencies] Failed to resolve 1 of 20 artifact dependencies". When I click the "Check Artifact Dependencies" in the QA configuration, all projects checks OK.

Am I doing something wrong here? Should I specify that the artifacts are stored on a common share or something?

Any guidance in the right direction is greatly appreciated. I'm quite new to TeamCity so its probable that I am doing something stupid :)


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Never mind this. it had nothing to do with the two build agents, but rather that I specified the artifact filename as a

Folder/File.xml => Folder/File.xml

caused error

Folder/File.xml => Folder/


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I'm glad it works now.
Answering your question: yes, all build artifacts are uploaded from build agents to teamcity server, and stored in a central location. Later build agents download required artifact dependencies back.


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